Jeanette Burrell


In September of 1976 in a small specialty shop in the Houston Galleria Jeanette Burrell was working when Georgia Charles walked in and asked her for help with a handbag in the front window.  Gladly, Jeanette went for the handbag and as she turned around Georgia said, “I don’t want the handbag, I want you to come work for me!” Jeanette, who always has a smile on her face, knew who Georgia was having seen her get morning coffee in the mall and had admired her fashion and style.  That fall Jeanette began working at The Turquoise Lady with Georgia (owner) excited for this new chapter in her life!  Little did she know that this new business, the friendship and of course the turquoise would change her life forever!  

The Turquoise Lady (originally located in the Houston Galleria) had a collection of unparalleled turquoise jewelry.  People really loved the big cuff bracelets, turquoise and silver earrings, necklaces and concho belts. Travelers to Houston wanted everything "Cowboy & Indian".  Jewelry from The Turquoise Lady was authentic, handmade with gorgeous stones and perfect silverwork.  Jeanette loved sharing her extensive knowledge of the jewelry, stories from visiting the Native artists and how special each piece was!  

Turquoise buying trips were an educational and unforgettable experience! Jeanette and Georgia were up early in the mornings driving out to the Zuni Village, across Navajo lands, and up to the Hopi Mesas in Northern Arizona. Twice a year the friends would set out on these trips and eventually expanded the collection to include Native American pottery.  As the business grew a beautiful new store was opened in the Dallas Galleria and another in Houston Galleria II, where Jeanette became the manager.  She was thrilled to train her sisters and niece as they joined The Turquoise Lady family as employees.    

After working for The Turquoise Lady for twelve years Jeanette left to take care of her new baby and became a proud mom of two within a few years time.  All the while Jeanette, Georgia and Laura remained close.  They had been the greatest of colleagues and friends and Jeanette considered them both family.  

For the last ten years Jeanette has enjoyed yearly girls trips to the turquoise markets with Georgia and Laura and even bringing her daughter, sisters and niece along!  Traveling throughout the Indian lands, reconnecting with artists and friends in the pueblos kept her inspired and dreaming of getting back into a business she so loved! 


Georgia, Jeanette and Laura are having fun and they are BACK IN BUSINESS! 

This time instead of being The Turquoise Lady - they are The Turquoise Ladies!