Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me more about the quality of the jewelry?

The Turquoise Ladies collection of jewelry and accessories is carefully selected from reputable artists.  Many of these jewelry makers Georgia, Jeanette and Laura have known for decades.  When they visit native lands The Turquoise Ladies are invited for dinner in some of the artists homes.  The jewelry and accessories always has and always will be a collection of authentic sterling silver and authentic stones.  Each piece of jewelry is hand made by native or southwestern artists. 

Can you tell me more about the tribes you carry in your collection?


The Navajo Nation is renowned for their turquoise and silver jewelry!  Their turquoise and coral jewelry is usually set in large exquisite designs with a dedicated emphasis on silverwork.  Each piece of jewelry is uniquely designed to fit the stone.  Navajo jewelry designers are well known for their detail and skill of silverwork  The tribe is the most populace native nation that spans across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.  Deep in tradition the Navajo people live in hogans typically set about 75 miles from the nearest trading post and usually no more than two hogans are nearby each other.  Georgia, Jeanette and Laura have driven throughout their lands.  They enjoy visiting their favorite jewelry artists and friends.  


Hopi means "peaceful people" and The Turquoise Ladies have so enjoyed getting to know these kind, mild mannered men and women!  Hopi jewelry is typically made with only silver in an overlay technique.  To make their jewelry the artist creates a design from a sheet of silver and then forms it into the desired piece of jewelry.  The Hopi people learned the art of jewelry making from the Zuni as there was a trade route between the two pueblos.  


Zuni jewelry is all about the detail!  These jewelry makers are known for their small, round stone petit point and their long, thin stone needlepoint designs.  Zuni people learned jewelry making from the Navajo people in the late 1800s.  However, unlike the nomadic Navajo, Zuni people live in permanent homes.  Living in one place allowed the Zuni people to create larger, heavier tools for cutting stones and making jewelry.  Using silver to hold their cut stones in a pattern is unique to Zuni jewelry.  Georgia, Jeanette and Laura have always admired the how perfectly cut the stones in Zuni jewelry are.


Santo Domingo:

The jewelry made from designers in the Santo Domingo Pueblo is a beautiful blend of stones.  Their necklaces and earrings are beads of turquoise, coral, shell and other colorful stones.  Beaded jewelry is sometimes rounded perfectly and other designs are more flattened stones - some similar in size, some graduated in size.  The Turquoise Ladies have been drawn to the jewelry from the Santo Domingo Pueblo because of the variety.  While some necklaces are a single strand of turquoise with eye catching stones other necklaces are multiple strands of beautiful colors that create a true statement piece!